Friday, May 29, 2020

STEM Engineering Challenges, Balloon Car, Flashlight, Ping Pong Ball Launcher and More

If you are looking for STEM engineering challenges to engage students, you will love these sets of challenges that use all types of household materials.  STEM engineering tasks are not just about engaging the students in a fun activity, the teacher needs to reach inside and help students identify the science, engineering, mathematical, or technology application. 

In this challenge, students make a car that they will power with a balloon.

It is also okay to allow students to make mistakes and refine their thinking by trying again. 

Students learned quickly that they must create some type of wheel and axle system so that the wheel can spin freely. 
In this example, the student discovered that the wheel moved freely, butter wooden wheels were quite heavy and created a lot of drag.

This group discovered if they raised the balloon, it went faster because there was less drag.

Students should be provided plenty of easy to find household materials...with a few special materials such as copper tape and lights for projects like this flashlight challenge.

I have done the planning for you in this STEM Challenge Bundle

These activities are great for STEM clubs, STEM After School Programs, STEM nights, Home Science and Summer STEM activities

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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Editable Interactive Google Slide Templates

Would you like to make interactive activities for your class or your store in Google Slides? Interactive drag and drop activities are really popular with the students and great for distance learning.

Just add your own text and graphics.

This is a digital product so you can make copies of the slide you want to use and use the template again and again in different ways!

Great for Google Classroom activities and perfect for all subjects. 

Directions included for how to add a background image and keep it stable while allowing students to move the pieces around to label the image.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Air Pressure, Air Masses & Weather Fronts Complete Unit

Are you covering weather and climate in your middle school science class?

This complete unit will save you TONS of time and energy!

It's designed to completely address NGSS MS-ESS2-5, Middle School Earth Systems.

I've divided the content into two units of study.

The first is on air pressure or atmospheric pressure.  It includes 6 labs, response pages, a slideshow (with scaffolded notes, to keep your students accountable), interactive notebook flaps, a quiz, and answer keys for everything!

The second unit is on air masses and weather fronts while also expanding on concepts addressed in the first unit.

This unit also includes an informative slideshow, a non-fiction reading passage, comprehension questions aligned with the CCSS for Reading Informational Text, a set of weather map task cards, worksheets, interactive notebook flaps, and two quizzes designed similarly to the end of year testing for science.

Students will LOVE these engaging activities! 

There are investigations, informational text passages, slide shows, and so much more - everything helping your class to understand air masses, weather fronts, air pressure, and how they affect changes in weather conditions!

This resource has 100+ PERFECT reviews on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Check out a few of them:

My students loved this resource and the experiments that went along with it. It kept them very engaged. 
I think these labs were great. The directions were clear and my students really understood the connection between air pressure and weather patterns. 

Try this unit in your middle school science class TODAY:

FREE Scientific Method Flipbook

Looking for a unique way to help your class learn the scientific method?

Try this layered flip book!

Your students will enjoy the change of pace from traditional note-taking!

This resource is easy to use!

Print out the pages in advance, and then your class will cut and assemble the flipbook.

It fits PERFECTLY inside of an interactive science notebook!

Give your class a FUN way to review the scientific method, and give yourself an easy low-prep activity.

Download this flipbook for FREE from my TPT store:

Editable Graphic Organizers for Google Slides

Google Slides make Great graphic organizers for all your purposes.  You can just enter your text right on the slide. If the backgrounds are stationary, you can have students enter text directly on the slide to organize and convey all kinds of information.

Use in commercial or classroom resources.

Over 120 graphic organizers that can be used for personal or commercial use.

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Monday, May 18, 2020

4th Grade Structure and Function Complete Unit

Are you covering structure and function in your 4th grade science class?

You will LOVE this COMPLETE UNIT that fully addresses Life Science Standards for 4th grade!

This unit is aligned with NGSS 4-LS1-1 and 4-LS1-2, CCSS RI.4.1, RI.4.3, and RI4.4, and Utah SEEd 4.1.1 & 4.1.2!

This is a large unit with lots of activities.  If you use my suggested schedule, this will cover 9 days in your science class!

Students will learn that animals and plants have internal and external structures, and that they each serve a specific function.

They will also learn about structural and behavioral adaptations in animals.

So much is included in this unit!

There are three informative PowerPoint presentations:

There are five lesson plans in the 5-E format with response pages and worksheets.  

They include reading comprehension questions, lab pages, interactive notebook flaps, graphic organizers, and a layered flipbook! 

There's a hands-on lab with clear directions on how to dissect a flower, label the parts, and understand the function of each part.

All you need to provide is one flower for each group of students!

This resource also addresses the tricky standard of NGSS 4-LS1-2. Use a model to describe that animals receive different types of information through their senses process the information in their brain, and respond to the information in different ways. 

Students will also have the opportunity to use QR codes for some independent research on adaptations.  Clickable links are provided if you do not have access to QR codes.

To wrap up the unit, I've included a true and false quiz for assessment.

Your time is precious - don't waste your free time creating your own unit on Structure and Function. 

I've done the work for you!

This complete unit has almost 200 PERFECT reviews on Teachers Pay Teachers.  

Check out a few of them:
The elephant article was excellent but I also thought the lab on dissecting a flower was broken down so easily, even telling me where to get inexpensive flowers! This resource helped me teach this challenging standard in an engaging way. Worth every penny!
 I am thrilled with this unit. It is really well planned and easy for a teacher to implement. The directions were clear and the labs used low cost household materials.

You will LOVE this unit!

Download the Structure and Function Complete Unit TODAY: