Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Spiders Lesson with Interactive Notebook Ideas

Showed the students this as an opening:

Students made a prediction:

Show students youtube video of spider shedding exoskeleton.

Have students discuss their refined thinking.   What happened to this specimen?  
Introduce Shelab, the red knee tarantula

Observational drawing
Red Knee Tarantula

Have the students read some informational text on Spiders

And  Record
Spider Facts

Next: Making Connections to Self, Other Text and World.... Great Core Curriculum Connection

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My Teacher Tips:
Put specimens back where you found them.Teach children to respect living things.
Your attitudes towards animals will affect your students' attitudes.
Do not make students dissect or touch animals if they are uncomfortable. 

My spider Shelob shedding her skin.   

The dark specimen in the newly emerged spider, completely spent from the experience.   The lighter colored specimen is the shed exoskeleton.

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Wow!  Time for a blog post update:  I caught a black widow and her eggs sack the other day.  My intention was to take her to school and show the students.  Today the egg sack hatched and out came hundreds of baby spiders!!

I have to admit, I kind of love creepy science!

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