Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Water Cycle in a Baggie with Interactive Notebook Ideas

Want to see a fun idea for teaching the water cycle?  

  The whole water cycle can be seen in a model using water and a ziplock baggie.   Seal the baggie and tape to a window to warm.   As the process unfolds, students can identify accumulation, condensation, precipitation and evaporation.  I like to have the students set up the experiment and then formulate their ideas and definition based on their experiences.   Teacher will probably need to guide them with some skillful questioning.

Teacher Background Information:

    Water on earth is used over and over. The water cycle is the continuous movement of water from ocean to air and land then back to the ocean in a cyclic pattern, is a central concept in meteorology. In the water cycle, the sun heats the Earth's surface water, causing that surface water to evaporate (gas). This water vapor then rises into the earth's atmosphere where it cools and condenses into liquid droplets. These droplets combine and grow until they become too heavy and fall to the earth as precipitation (rain, snow, sleet, hail).
    Water accumulates and is temporarily stored in lakes, glaciers, underground, or living organisms. The water can move from these places by streams and rivers, returns to the oceans, is used by plants or animals or is evaporated directly back into the atmosphere.

Here are some Interactive Notebook Ideas for the Water Cycle

This one looks like a baggie and the students label the parts of the water cycle that they saw.

This little book has questions for the students to answer on each page.

This fold allows students to label the water cycle.

This one is for vocabulary and definitions.

The water cycle wheels are always fun.  I like to have students make a pocket in their notebook by taping down and index card to put the wheel inside.  This way they can pull it out and move it around. 

My Lesson on the Water Cycle includes two lessons with all the cute interactive notebook flaps and folds.  It also includes a reading informational text passage and response pages.  

Water Cycle With Interactive Notebook Flaps and Folds and Informational Text Article

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