Friday, July 18, 2014

Fall Freebies For Teachers-Pumpkin Lessons and More

Hello!   Are you thinking about those wonderful fall lessons yet?   Here are some lesson ideas to get you started.  

To get students thinking about the life cycle of plants, provide them with some pumpkins in various stages.  You can cut the lids ahead of time so that the students can pull them open and look inside.  

Have students look inside and make observations  How are they different?  How are they alike?  Which pumpkin do you think was on the vine the longest? Why?
Photos of pumpkins in various stages are also helpful.

You can also provide them with some seeds that are sprouting to look at.

Below is a cute little video on the life cycle of pumpkins.

Have the students come up with the life cycle of a pumpkin and record it in their notebooks. 

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Please print and enjoy this freebie. 

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More Notebook Ideas!
Make a large pumpkin pocket.  Using green yarn connect the stages of the pumpkin's life cycle. Super cute notebook idea for younger grades. 

You can find all the pieces here Pumpkin Unit

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