Friday, January 30, 2015

Gobstopper Experiment with Interactive Notebook Ideas

Ready for some Gobstopper Science?


Have students make predictions.  
Fill a petri dish or plastic plate with enough water to cover the bottom.  
Place Gobstoppers in the water against the edge.   
Record observations.
Leave gobstoppers undisturbed for 30 minutes.
Record observations several times during this period.  


The surprise here is that the Gobstopper colors don’t actually mix in the petri dish. Instead, they run into each other and stop. In addition to the non- mixing colors, you’ll notice that the colors change during the dissolving process. This is because each Gobstopper is comprised of four different colors. More background science to explain what is happening is available within the lesson. Lesson on Gobstopper Science with Interactive Notebook Inserts

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Science and Engineering Practices 
Planning and Carrying Out an Investigation
Constructing Explanations

Crosscutting Concepts
Cause and Effect
Stability and Change

Disciplinary Core Ideas
PS1  Matter and Its Interactions

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