Saturday, November 26, 2016

Interactive Notebook Ideas for Science.- Making Sure It Is Meaningful

I have really been evaluating my use of Interactive Notebooks lately and have come up with a few guidelines.

First, Entries in Interactive Notebooks need to be more than cute.  Students need to have a space for meaningful content. Foldable and inserts that allow for lots of writing by the student give them the opportunity to process their ideas, explain concepts and articulate learning. 

Second, teachers need to provide good prompts or questions that allow for some critical thinking.

 What is your understanding of a chemical reaction? Give examples.

Third, inserts should be creative, but not take up so much time that all the learning is about making the elaborate fold. Older kids can of course do more elaborate folds than younger kids, but either way, the real time allotment needs to be for the content the students put into the insert.

Keep these guidelines in mind.  Making it meaningful and guiding your students with quality questions will help them create a great product to demonstrate their learning.

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