Friday, November 18, 2016

Introducing Teachers to Makey Makey in a Coding for Teachers Class

Recently I had the opportunity to guest teach in a Coding for Teachers Class.  I was asked to introduce them to Makey Makey.  

I started by reviewing with them what they already understand about an electrical circuit. Drawing a simple circuit on the board I asked them to tell me what was going on.  They quickly identified the closed circuit.  I explained that if we were working with actual k-12 students we would have several lessons on electrical circuits perhaps using LED Lights LED Lights or Squishy Circuits Fun with Squishy Circuits . 

Then I introduced Makey Makey by showing them the Makey Makey promo video.  

Next, I handed out the Makey Makeys and said let's get started!  We plugged them in and go them started using the How To tab on the Makey Makey home page to get them set up. Makey Makey Set Up

And then the real thinking, problem solving and troubleshooting began!  This I believe is the center of why Makey Makey is a great tool.  Everyone ends up trouble shooting something!  

My partner is grounded and the Makey Makey is not working for me? Why?  Is there something I can do to make it respond to me?
Makey Makey not responding to a particular person:  Are my hands too dry?

Which items will best conduct electricity?  Fruits and vegetables, play-doh, foil?

Lastly we brainstormed classroom uses for Makey Makey. What if you only had one? How could you use it in your own specific subject area? What are the benefits to students? 

Here is a finished Makey Makey project from one of my previous classes. Notice the integration of music into their project.

I had fun with this coding class.  Thank you Dr. Cox for letting me come play with your students! 

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