Saturday, March 11, 2017

Magnets and Interactive Notebooks NGSS 3-PS2-3

You can have so much fun in your class with magnets.  There are many different lessons and concepts you can teach with magnets.  Students enjoy the hands on experience and are always excited to explore and investigate with magnets.

I like to give them a variety of materials and then have them sort them into magnetic and non magnetic.

It is also fun to teach them about poles.  
Like poles attract and unlike poles repel.  

I also like to give the students cute games to play.  These figures can be moved using attracting and repelling with magnets. Students discover that in order to move the figure they must have a push or a pull.

Students record their ideas in the interactive notebook. 

To learn more about magnets I have my students do some independent research.  They can read some articles, search on the internet or look at books I bring in from the library.  Reading informational text can be difficult so I like to provide some purpose to it (read to find out) and some ways to practice the skills associated with reading informational text (I like to use the interactive notebook for this).

Here are some folds and flaps for helping students process informational text. 

These are available along with many others in this resource.

Students also enjoy learning about electromagnets and making one!  

And then I of course follow it up with a cool interactive notebook fold for the student to draw their own design. 

All these lesson ideas are included in this resource. Magnet Unit  

The complete Magnet Unit has Eight 5 E lessons using magnets. 
The lessons include: 
What items attract to a magnet?
Attracting and Repelling North and South Pole
Reading Informational Text Lesson (With a three page article)
Creating an Electromagnet
Making a Temporary Magnet
Will a magnet attract through other materials?
Exploring Sand with Magnets
Push and Pull With Magnets

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