Monday, March 23, 2020

Making Escape Rooms in Google Slides for Distance Learning

As I am writing this, many schools are closed are having students learn at a distance. Remote teaching can be challenging even if you do have the equipment and so do your students.  One idea I decided to learn more about was making Digital Escape Rooms using Google Forms

This is such a fun No Prep way to engage your students! #distancelearning 

You can start by having a google form that the students are sent a link to access.

Students sign in and click on the first break out code. 
This code will ask them if they want to make a copy.  They do!
The copy makes their answers separate from other students and keeps other students from seeing their answers.
When the copy opens up they will see a google slide show.

Students love the drag and drop activities!

Students solve five different codes, each with different activities.  The nonsense codes are put in the google form so that students can escape!  

Students will be told Try Again! (or something like that if they have an incorrect code)

There may be four to ten breakouts in order to escape.  After the students solve one breakout code, they can click on the next link which will ask them to make another copy (say yes!)

This will take them to another google slide show with more information and a new code to crack.

When all the codes have been cracked and correctly inserted in the google form, students will be told, "Congratulations, you escaped!"

Students can work on these independently. The teacher can use it in google classroom or simply send the link to the students. A sheet of directions are included to send the students with the link to the escape room.

This is a great activity for distance education!

. These are no-prep for the teacher.  

Special Thanks to Robin Behringer
at Mrs. B's Brainy Bunch! Mrs. B's Brainy Bunch!
She has several great Escape Rooms and other digital products in her store.
Robin even has a free escape room that you can try.

You can see more of my great products at Lynda's Store

Dear Teachers, During these extraordinary times of distance teaching, I am allowing you to share my resources or portions of them with the parents of your class. I only ask that when we return to face to face instruction, you go back to abiding by the original terms of use. #distancelearning #teaching #schoolclosure